We trust Research and Development, we create upon aerospace engineering expertise.

Vertical® is proud to present the only zero-pressure, SINGLE LOOP SYSTEM in the world for wind tunnels up to 18 feet diameter. A smooth and steady airflow for flyers with uninterrupted access to the flight chamber. An efficiently-designed system allows to lower energy consumption while maintaining stringent safety standards.


“As an entrepreneur, thinking big, and an innovative engineer, thinking of detail, I believe that intellectual talent, passion, a positive attitude and a firm trust in hard work have come together to export the indoor skydiving experience of a lifetime. Based in the visionary setting of Dubai, our team is ready to mix the ancient dream of flight with cutting-edge technology. I am honoured to introduce Vertical®.”

Gianni studied mechanical engineering at the Politecnico di Milano University in his native Italy and has worked with some of the biggest names in automotive, motorbike and powerboat-racing industries across Europe and the Middle East. He has also worked in the field of private equity investment as a Director of Business Development.

Gianni has been involved in the field of Human Flight since 2010 as technical director, tasked to guide a team of selected engineering talent and suppliers, aimed to design and create the new era of vertical wind tunnel.

Underpinning Gianni’s career is the motto ‘Innovation through Technology’, a concept which has inspired groundbreaking work in the indoor skydiving industry. Through corporate and personal success, Gianni oversaw the evolution of the technical department into a fully independent entity, and he now sits as Founder and Technical Director of Vertical®, heading up a dynamic team with a global reach.

In his spare time, Gianni retains a passion for motorbike racing and is currently designing a flying device that he hopes will be the next generation of personal transportation.