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The Smart - R

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The Smart – R ® (Design Patented) is a revolutionary product in the industry. It blends the benefit of all the wind tunnel types, in one.

This product is for pure business, it gives its best when placed in shopping mall, theme park, playground, drop zone and any other location where the target is general public or sport beginners.


The Smart R is the smallest recirculating 10 feet wind tunnel.
10 feet diameter, 185 kph, dedicated cooling system

The Smart -R can fit in any location and allows to position the wind tunnel in any orientation for the best visibility


Smart R is small yet POWER EFFICIENT
The ducting round shape and the single loop layout is the way to increase efficiency, hence reducing the energy consumption at the same performance; or increase the performance at the same energy consumption

Smart R is small, power efficient yet SILENT
In a recirculating tunnel whatever noise goes inside the ducting stay in the tunnel.
If that’s not enough our acoustic insulating panels covering the entire structure ensure that you can place the tunnel wherever your business needs.

Smart R is small efficient silent and WEATHER PROOF.
Although its dimensions allow the Smart to be placed indoor (shopping mall or playground or else), the Smart R being a closed unit equipped with a dedicated cooling system can also be placed outdoor and no harsh sunshine, rain, sandstorm, or snow will affect the operation of the wind tunnel.

Smart R is small efficient silent weather proof and MOVABLE.
The Smart R is designed as a light steel structure hence forget expensive building, civil work, foundation and authority permits;
And if you have a better location? Move it.

Smart R is small efficient silent weather proof movable and comes in TWO VERSIONS.

Wind Tunnel only You are free to set up your hospitality as per your taste and needs


Wind Tunnels + Hospitality Modules (Reception, merchandise, class room, gear room, offices etc). Make a fully independent skydiving attraction in one single location, the 

So overall this new concept of tunnel
-    Is a good 10 feet tunnel yet small, 
-    is recirculating yet fit into a small footprint, 
-    is efficient, powerful yet silent,
-    it works outdoor or indoor
-    is movable or permanent
-    two versions
All these features yet it is AFFORDABLE ……that’s why we called it SMART
By reinventing and redesigning this wind tunnel we aimed to those investors, business man who recognise the profitability of this industry yet they need more flexibility and a quicker return on their investment

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