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Vertical Wind Tunnel - The Industry


Indoor skydiving is the simulation of true free-fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. It is where the dream of flight becomes a reality.


The wind tunnel Industry is grown fast in the last years. Every year, 20-30 new wind tunnel are announced 

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The first human to fly in a vertical wind tunnel was Jack Tiffany in 1964 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base located in Greene and Montgomery County, Ohio.


FUN - Millions of people from all over the world have enjoyed flying their bodies. Experience the thrill of human flight

SAFE FOR EVERYONE - Anyone older than 3 years old in good physical shape is safe to fly in the wind tunnel.

GROUPS & MORE - Indoor skydiving is great for any occasion. Makes a great gift, perfect for parties, a weekend activity, large groups, or corporate event.



The "real deal" of the indoor skydiving industry is the entertainment or "first flight" industry. Most wind tunnel installations are aimed at locations, which see a high volume of public traffic. Events like family outings, birthday parties, and even corporate events are a commonplace at wind tunnels. This is largely due to the wide range of ages allowed to fly.


In previous years, skydivers travelled large distances to fly in the few wind tunnels available. In the recent past with wind tunnels starting to pop up so rapidly, skydivers have taken to tunnels closer to home, more convenient to travel to, or where prices are lowest. Skydivers played a large role in the development of the industry; some places, especially those close to airport or drop zone, cater a larger percentage of skydivers.


The military has come to embrace and accept wind tunnel use as an important part of their training regimen. All branches of the military seek tunnel time in order to better prepare and train for military applications.

Wind Tunnel Market
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