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Vertical® is a business-to-business entity. Vertical® can serve any type of investor:  from those experienced in wind tunnel that only requires the wind tunnel components, to the one that requires a turnkey solution.

OPTION A – The Technology

Vertical® can design, produce, and deliver to your plot the wind tunnel components. We‘ll also assist you during the design of your building / structure and during the final installation / commissioning

OPTION B – The Turnkey

Vertical® can provide the most demanding investor with a Turnkey solution. Just have a look at the design prospective, the tunnel specification, the cash flow and the overall business plan…if you like it, approve it, and you’ll get it done.


OPTION C – Tailored for your needs

Our flexible approach can accommodate anything in between option A and B.

Do you own the wind tunnel components and you need to erect it? You have a drop zone and you want to rent a portable for it? Do you have a yacht and you wish to have a custom-made wind tunnel just for your pleasure?

You name it and our team of wind tunnel expert can fit a tunnel in any location and in any format.

OPTION D – Consultancy

Do you have already your plan to buy or build a wind tunnel? Would you like to have a full comprehensive business plan analysis of your location or you just need a due diligence on your project?

We can stand on your side, be your consultant for the whole process, and make you feel comfortable that you are always taking the right decision.

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